We are proud to celebrate Mission & Relief Logistics BV’s 25th Anniversary!

31 May 2020 marked 25 years since Mr. Kees Klaassen officially registered Mission & Relief.
He started the business on his own but was soon joined by his first employees.

In 2005 I, Michel Stolk together with my former partner, took over Mission & Relief when Mr. Klaassen retired.  Known as a logistics partner with a practical view to the transport of relief goods by sea, land and air, Mission & Relief has, over the last 25 years, grown into a major player in the transport of relief goods worldwide.  We also arrange the export and import of goods, storage and transshipment including mediation of all kinds of goods related to the world of aid and development aid.

25 years is a long period with many memories and of course the ups and downs that every company experiences. However, looking back, we are especially happy and grateful for all our customers who have always placed their trust in us – Firstly the customers at the very beginning followed by all the organizations and companies that we have worked with thereafter.  We are especially grateful that the majority of our customers have remained loyal to us over the years – without them, the company would not have been successful.  All the staff and I realize too that we do not only owe this anniversary to ourselves and our customers but that we have been richly blessed by our good and faithful Lord.

We do of course want to thank all our employees who are committed to our company every day and who have worked with us in the past – without your commitment, Mission & Relief would not be what it is today.

Naturally we wanted to mark our 25th anniversary, but unfortunately because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to postpone our celebration plans.  Thankfully, we have an entire anniversary year ahead and therefore hope to be able to celebrate our 25th anniversary with family, staff, customers and our associates in the near future.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has worked with or for Mission & Relief over the past 25 Years – for your time, energy and loyalty.