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Company profile

Mission & Relief Logistics in the U.K. is the newest branch of the Mission & Relief group. Merger of the existing activities of both Link European Ltd and Mission & Relief Transport was a welcome move for both companies. Link European specialized in road transport to Romania and eastern European countries. The Link European vision was to expand their activities to worldwide logistic services, this was to offer their customers a more complete service and to attract new organizations. The vision of Mission & Relief was to open a branch office in the U.K. This resulted in the fact that Mission & Relief Logistics, officially opened its office on 1st September 2009.

Company profile
Mission & Relief in the Netherlands was established in 1993 to support relief organizations with relief transport and logistics. The main activity at that time was to assist our customers with proper documentation for customs purposes at destination countries. At first we organized road transport to Eastern Europe and then slowly we progressed to using other means i.e. sea- and air- freight. This now means that Mission & Relief now has people who specialize in road transport and also sea- and /air- freight. Mission & Relief operates warehouses specially designed for storage and handling of humanitarian commodities. The procurement of goods for emergency and development project are part of the Mission & Relief service. Due to the fact that more and more customers are based in USA and UK we established offices in these countries to improve and maximize our service.
Mission & Relief is a versatile shipping agency specializing in moving goods for both emergency and ongoing relief programmes. Extensive expertise in humanitarian relief transport, competitive rates, tailored transport, and commodity procurement make Mission & Relief a unique, effective and reliable partner.

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