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With Reli-Funding International
there are enough fundraising opportunities for Christian non-profits

“Reli-Funding International”

Reli-Funding International a very complete web-based database developed specifically for:
International Christian Fundraising, Project-development, Inter-Collegiate Cooperation

Reli-Funding International provides support to (inter) national Christian-based non-profit organizations for locating and finding possible financial resources and/or contributions like goods, materials, services and/or human resources.

We proudly present …
An English (web-based) database containing:
• At least 1.250 Christian Foundations based in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzer-land, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States (other countries follow in time)
• A TOOLBOX with hundreds of interesting documents (Word/PDF) in English, Dutch and German (other languages follow in time), and several hundred of additional Christian hyperlinks.

Advanced search [menu Search]
The user can search by using:
1. SEARCH: If you click immediately at Search, you will see the total list of all foundations
2. BROWSE: Search Foundations by name: 0-9, ABCDEFGHIJ, KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
3. ACTIONS: Search on topics such as Education, Environment, Family, Gospel, Help, Money, etc.
4. COUNTRIES: Search by Worldwide, by continent, by North, South, East, West, Central (on every continent) and/or on one or more countries
5. LOAD: Re-use a previously saved Search-action
6. Search Criteria: Use your own search-criteria

The selected Actions, Countries etc, appear on the left side of the Searchmenu. When you are satisfied with all the criteria, click on SEARCH.
Within a few seconds, you see the results on your screen, with always first the name of a Foundation, followed by a brief explanation/or mission.
When you click on a Foundation, you get a pop-up in a Darkblue framework, with all information available in the database (see also Standard Profile).

Standard Profile
For each Foundation – in our database – we use besides the Name of Foundation a standard profile:
• Address: Street or PO-box, zip code, city, country
• Contact: Contactperson with function
• Phone: Including international access code
• Fax: Including international access code
• E-mail: Where to obtain information (hyperlink)
• Website: Website of the foundation (hyperlink)
• What we do: A list of their main activities
• Our mission: Mission of the foundation
• Where we work: Countries where they operate
• Information: Additional information
• Denomination: Denomination of the foundation
• (Project)budget: Most recent budget with year*
• Language Website: Language(s) of the website
(* Choose your favorite currency with Settings)

Documents, hyperlinks [Toolbox]
In addition to the ever expanding amount of International Christian Foundations, the database also contains a TOOLBOX with several hundred documents in Word/PDF as well as hyperlinks, with topics such as:
• Church planting
• Orientation on planting Church,
• The Church planter,
• How to Finance Church planting,
• How to build your Church etc.
• Giving & Tithing
• Evangelism, Bible on Giving, Mission
• Christian Fundraising, etc.

Quarterly the database will be updated.
New foundations, documents and/or hyperlinks are added as well as existing foundations, documents and/or hyperlinks will be updated, and – if necessary – some of them will be removed.

Not entirely convinced! Request a DEMO version.
Are you not quite sure, or do you first like to try out our system yourself. Please send an E-mail to database@swagerman.org and ask for the DEMO version.
The Demo is equal to the total database by structure, menu and possibilities. The difference lies only in the number of available funds (about 20% of them) and that some details of foundations, such as address, website, e-mail and phone numbers have been defaced.
On request we send you a (temporary) username and password, which provide you after login a 1 hour discovery-tour with our database.
Afterwards we hope you are convinced about the possibilities of our database and you decide to take a subscription on Reli-Funding International.

More information visit: http://www.reli-funding.org