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Data Protection

Mission & Relief would like to inform you how we handle personal date which we obtain by means of Internet sites. We follow the guidelines of the Law Protection Personal Data (WBP). This law helps to protect the privacy of citizens.

The law protection personal data (WBP)

Since 1 September 2001 the Law Protection Personal Data (WBP) has been effective. This law gives rights to individuals of whom data is used and what the duties are of the agencies who use that data. The WBP also applies to data which is processed by means of the Mission & Relief web site This means that personal data which is collected by means of the Internet, stored, used, or in some other form available comes under this law.

What is personal data?

Under a person fact it is understood data that is to an identified or identifiable natural person. That means that the name of a person to whom the data are related are confessed, or that which person can be retrieved. Example of a person fact is a name of a person or a house address, but also email address can be personal data.

How Mission & Relief will use your personal data?

Your data is processed in a considerate and careful manner in agreement with the WBP. Furthermore your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended. This means that if you fill in your name and address for sending certain information to us we will not pass this on to a third party (unless this has already been agreed).